Interculturality and transculturality are topics that became apparent in our globalized society. The term interculturality is defined as the encounter of different cultures with mutual influence. By means of interculturality and thus the mirror function, individual as well as collective-cultural identification shall be obtained. Intercultural understanding implies the willingness to open oneself to other cultures. Whether and how we will succeed in opening up to the unknown without prejudice depends on one´s personal experience and maturity. If children and adolescents are able to grow up in a humanistic society, they will naturally discover empathy and interest in the unknown, which leads to the fact that they can further develop and complement each other.
All of us are called to make a contribution to society within our families, among our friends, at work and within our association work – in the interest of self-development and a healthy society. At first, this may sound like a lot of work on various levels. The key is to be thankful for the diversity in this world and to use it as an instrument for oneself and the community. Man as a part of spirituality and nature is already comprehensive and diverse; we “just” need to discover it.

The term transculturality is defined as blending and connecting different cultures. Today´s society is defined through immigration from different cultures even more than in the past. The intensity of blending provides a quick emergence of new synergies and cultures that cannot withdraw from the dynamic process of overlapping.

These two terms are often used as a synonym. However, the term interculturality is used most commonly. In the course of our association work, we also use the term interculturality, which always includes the term transculturality though.

With their lectures as well as cooperation and own projects, the cultural association Quintessenz tries to contribute to a deliberate effort to deal with “alien” cultures. If you are interested or already participant, please join us on our exciting development journey!